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Boiler Room Girls is an audacious new musical by Kevin Archambault and Cheryl B. Engelhardt. The musical takes a close look at a historic incident in the late 1960's; the politics, relationships, and the events leading up to it. This mystery-meets-social-commentary examines the humanity behind ambition, privilege, and competition. Watch as events unfold that cause six women to form an unbreakable bond of silence, and how they find their true source of power. Watch the announcement video to the right.

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Book by Kevin Archambault

Director, Choreographer

Kevin is a director/choreographer out of NYC (by way of Denver, Austin, and around the world) who has spent the last 30+ years creating.

A graduate of St. Edward’s University with a degree in theatre, Kevin spent years on the road as an actor/dancer/singer, and now calls the Hudson Valley home. He is currently the Assistant Artistic & Managing Director at The CENTER for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck and is an adjunct professor at Suny Dutchess. 

Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Music & Lyrics by Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Composer, Songwriter

Cheryl is a composer and singer/songwriter with dozens of film and ad scores, 4 piano-pop albums, 20 tours, and 40+ TV placements under her belt. You can dig into her music projects at CBEmusic.com. She supports musicians in crafting their ideal careers through resources on her site, In The Key Of Success

Cheryl received a degree in Biology and in Music from Cornell University, studied orchestration at Juilliard, then began her job journey in a hip hop recording studio in NYC before transitioning to career a film, commercial, choral and theater composer.


Kingston Radio Station: WKNY

Listen to the live Interview & Performance from 9/17/19

Writer and Director Kevin Archambault and Composer/Lyricist Cheryl B. Engelhardt will be discussing the opening of Boiler Room Girls. Kiah Saxe (playing Mary Jo) and Wendell Scherer (playing Bobby Kennedy) and Cheryl will perform a song from the show entitled "I'll Take You To The Light".  

Click here to listen to the broadcast recording!

Publication: Hudson Valley Ovation

A Kennedy Myth & Mystery, Through The Eyes of The Women In The Eye Of The Storm

“Boiler Room Girls.”  
The nickname was not hard to come by. The windowless work area in the basement of Senator Robert Kennedy’s Washington, DC campaign offices did, indeed, double as the building’s boiler room. And the “girls” to whom it referred? Well, in 1968, it was equally inevitable, despite the fact that every one of them was in their twenties. 

Click here to read the full preview article.

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Past Performances

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Boiler Room Girls - AUDITIONS

Rhinebeck Center For Performing Arts, 661 NY-308, Rhinebeck

Seeking: 8 women, 6 men - strong actors & singers, ages 18 to 55. All ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

Prepare this song from the show: (a 30-second excerpt is great!) at this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10oxmj96fELvTBZ1_suFXKoaOtnpW9vM2?usp=sharing

Questions: Contact director Kevin Archambault at kevin@centerforperformingarts.org

Callbacks will be the next day, Monday August 12th at 7pm.

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